Reverie Comfort ™ Adjustable Bed Comfort System
Wired Hand Control Version
Wall Hugger Design

Reverie Comfort™ Adjustable Bed Owner's Manual


The Revolutionary Reverie Comfort ™ Adjustable
Bed is the most fluid moving adjustable bed
available to customers. The Reverie Comfort ™
is the ultimate customizable sleep level bed, with
adjustability up to 70 degrees in the head, and
adjustability up to 47 degrees with the foot section.

Easily adaptable to any bed frame or headboard,
it will fit into any bedroom decor and maintain style
and comfort for years to come.

Reverie Comfort™ Frame Design Features
“STAYS CLOSE TO THE WALL” when elevated
Superior design allows the headboard to remain at
a constant distance from the wall and nightstand
while the head of the bed elevates
Whisper quiet, low voltage, DC lift system
provides smooth, quiet and efficient operation
Outfitted with proprietary structural steel frame
and 6 legs for greater stability
Compatible with all modern bed frames and
headboards. Frame includes adjustable
headboard brackets
Head raises to 70 degree angle allowing users
to read or watch TV in bed without needing to use
pillows or extra supports
Foot raises to 47 degree angle allowing users
more zero gravity comfort options
Structural Steel tubing throughout
entire base
Extended angle structural steel prevents
sagging at head and foot
Dual 6,000 Newton lift motors equaling 12,000
Newtons of lifting power
Plug and Play Electronics
Y “pairing cable” included in all TXL accessory
boxes. Pairing cable allows 2 TXLs to raise or
lower with one control**
Reverie Comfort ™ Features
Ergonomic Wired Control is right at your fingertips
for complete adjustable comfort
Flat button to lower both head and foot with just one touch
One Massage Motor
Infinate Control of head and foot postioning
20 Year limited warranty - 1st year includes parts and labor, year 2 includes all parts, years 3-20 are



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Reverie Comfort ™ Adjustable Comfort System
 Limited Warranty for Reverie Comfort™ Adjustable Beds