Latexpedic 3L Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Now!  For the World's Most Comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattress . . . the incredible Latexpedic 3L.  The product of over 47 years of Perfection.

The Latexpedic 3L incorporates 3 separate Layers of 2.8" genuine Talatech Talalay Foam inside.    

The Latexpedic 3L is the product of 47 years of Perfection . . . 

You cannot buy a more Comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattress.

(Comfort, Cushioning & Pressure Relief - just like you like it!)

You cannot buy a more Durable Adjustable Bed Mattress.


You cannot buy an Adjustable Bed Mattress with more Support

Support -  just like you like it!

You cannot buy an Adjustable Bed Mattress EASIER to Deliver

(how about 1 day UPS?)

or to Change your Mattress Firmness

or to Service, Clean, Replace or Repair


What is ILD?
ILD: Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is a measurement of latex foam firmness.
The Lower the ILD the Softer; the Higher the ILD the Firmer.



The Latexpedic 3L comes in (4) four different firmnesses:
Each with 3 Separate Layers of 2.8" Talalay Talatch Firmnesses


SOFT:  28 - 36 - 28
REGULAR FIRM:  32 - 36 - 32
EXTRA FIRM:  32 - 40 - 32

ULTRA FIRM:  36 - 40 - 36


Firmness Bottom Layer - 1 Middle Layer - 2 Top Layer - 3
Soft 2.8" ILD 28 2.8" ILD 36 2.8" ILD 28
Regular Firm 2.8" ILD 32 2.8" ILD 36 2.8" ILD 32
Extra Firm 2.8" ILD 32 2.8" ILD 40 2.8" ILD 32
Ultra Firm 2.8" ILD 36 2.8" ILD 40 2.8" ILD 36


The Latexpedic 3L is completely reversible from head to foot and upside down.


The Latexpedic 3L is the Most Comfortable and Luxurious Mattress in the World!

Nothing! Compares to the Feel of Latex!  NOTHING!!

The Latexpedic 3L Bends PERFECTLY in over 1001 different Positions - without any bunching up in the Lower Back!

Naturally healthy

  • Ideal for allergy sufferers; Latexpedic® Talalay latex is hypoallergenic and breathable

  • Latexedic® is 4x more breathable than polyurethane or memory foam

  • Latexpedic Foam is actually rated 33% more pressure relieving than even memory foam.

  • Uniquely Healthy – Talalay latex is ideal for allergy sufferers! It is naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. No artificial or synthetic materials have been added to provide these benefits.

Latex Starts as the milk from the Rubber Tree

Latex is made from a rubber-based product versus memory or viscoelasticity foam which is derived from plastics. Latex provides instantaneous recovery; as it contours and supports any body movement, while memory foam provides slow recovery. With memory foam, the sleeper must wait for their body temperature to soften the foam prior to getting that true contouring support that they would experience immediately with latex.

Please preview the Latex Foam Manufacturing Process - Made in the USA

Talalay Factory latex Video - High-Speed

Talalay Factory Latex Video - Modem