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The Right Hospital Bed.

9 out of 10 Hospital Beds sold in the USA today are Semi-Electric 2-Motor Hospital Beds 36" wide by 80" long (semi-electric means you have independent head and foot controls).  The standard hospital bed comes complete with a vinyl covered innerspring or foam mattress.

If you have Medicare, they will almost always pay for the Semi-Electric Hospital Bed.  (we can give you a credit for what Medicare will pay, and you can just pay for the differences, if you wish)

But, 9 out of 10 Hospital Beds that AdjustableBedsEtc.com sells are NOT Semi-Electric Hospital Beds.

Main reason:  Our customers learn what else is on the market.

                                                         Sir Francis Bacon

  1. 3-MOTOR, high-low, fully electric feature is VERY IMPORTANT.  Many of our customer have trouble getting into bed, and out of bed, transferring to and from a wheelchair; and are under care of a nurse, caregiver or family member.  The 3rd motor is available for only $300 more (that you can pay separately from the Medicare reimbursement.)
  2. LOW BED.  Some people have alzheimers.  Some people are very short.  How low the bed can go is very important to some people.
  3. WIDER BEDS.  A standard hospital bed is 36" x 80".  But, some people need a wider bed:  42", 48", 53" (Fullsize or Double Size), 60" (queensize) and 72" and 76" (Kingsize width)
  4. LONGER BEDS.  84" length hospital bed are easily available
  5. WEIGHT CAPACITY.  We specialize in Heavy Duty, Extra Wide Bariatric Beds:  350 Pound, 450 Pound, 500 Pound, 600 Pound, 800 Pound, 1000 Pound, 1200 Pound Capacity Adjustable Hospital Beds and Mattresses.
  6. 4 AND 5 MOTOR DISABILITY HOSPITAL BEDS.  Trendellenburg, Reverse Trendellenburg and Cardio-Chair Reclining Positions are available for your complete Health, Sleep and Comfort if you are confined to your bed to relieve the strain and stress off your respiratory, circulatory, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems by simply pressing a button to change your body's positions.  We highly recommend the Shuteye Disability Hospital Bed
  7. MATTRESSES.  Many people want and need more than the standard vinyl cover innerspring or foam mattress.  We offer the Best Selection of Gel, Air, Innerspring, Memory Foam and Latex Foam Mattresses that are so! much more comfortable than a standard-type hospital bed mattress.
  8. GEL & AIR PADS.  Many times you can get a Gel Pad prescribed by your Doctor and make your Standard-type mattress twice as comfortable.  
  9. BOTTOM SHEETS AND BEDDING.  Why buy an electric hospital bed and not get perfect bedding to go with it, without worrying about your bedding pulling off your bed.  Waterproof bedding also available.
  10. LOOKS OF BED.  Hospital Beds are not always very pretty.  Many times, you want a bed that can do everything a Hospital Bed can do, but looks more like a normal, regular bed.  We specialize in Electric Beds that you will be more happy with the look inside your bedroom

.  We highly recommend the 3-Motor Fully Electric Hi-Low Patriot Hospital Bed