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We welcome you into family of ElectroEase® Bariatric Beds.

We have made "Your 100% Satisfaction Is Our Only Goal!" Since 1964.

Your Satisfaction is Built by us understanding the FACTORS to your Satisfaction:

FACTOR 1:  Your Weight
FACTOR 2:  Your Height
FACTOR 3:  Your Age
FACTOR 4:  Your Health Condition(s)
FACTOR 5:  Your Physical Condition(s)

There are many CHOICES in finding you the right Bariatric Bed for all your individual needs and wants - and budget.

We have to know if a 3rd motor will be important: to you; if you need your Bariatric Bed go fully up and down; have the high-low feature.  The Hi-Lo feature allows you to exit in and out usually a little easier.  It is a must if you are transfering to and from a wheelchair, to get your hospital bed at the same height as the seat of your wheelchair.  The 3rd motor fully electric hi-lo hospital bed is also important if you are under nurses or caregiver care, to get the bed at the height where they can more  easily assist you.

If you are under 600 pounds and can do without the 3rd motor, fully electric feature, we can highly recommend the "good looking" adjustable beds AC Motor System by Leggett and Platt.  We would highly recommend the S-Cape 2-Motor AC System Adjustable Bed.  There is also a lot of cost savings on this type of bed; and discount from the normal Bariatric Bed prices.  The S-Cape also comes in ALL sizes, including Twin, Full, Queen, King, Dual Queen and Dual King.  The S-Cape is also backed up by a multi-Billion dollar company, Leggett & Platt, that has Free one-year Service anywhere in the USA!

If you have Medicare Insurance, Medicare has 500 Pound and 600 Pound Hospital Beds that are available in the standard 36"; and the larger 42" and 48" wide versions.  These Hospital Beds are available from Invacare, Tuffcare and Drive Medical. 

The standard Bariatric Mattresses are either a vinyl covered Innerspring or Polyurethane Foam Mattress.

Medicare allows you to pay the difference if you want to upgrade your Bariatric Hospital Bed Mattress to a more deluxe, comfortable mattress.

We will also make a Heavy Duty Latexpedic Latex Foam Mattress - which would be the ultimate in comfort too.  The Latexpedic Latex Foam Bariatric Mattress is not recommended if you are transferring to and from a wheelchair, unless you wish us to incorporate EDGE SUPPORT around the perimeter of your mattress.

Many manufacturers including Span America and Blue Chip make deluxe Bariatric Mattresses that will offer considerable more comfort than the standard Bariatric Mattresses.